Services ILF Business Consult

Our services

Complementary to ILF´s engineering services, ILF Busines Consult offers a complete range of services across the Investment Life Cycle. Our services are comprised of:

  • 2. Business planning and execution

    Your investment is often motivated by your business ideas and growth expectations. We help you masterplan these ideas, substantiate your investment decision using customized market data and/or assist in justification of your financial transactions.

  • 3. Organization planning and execution

    Successful investments are managed by efficient organizations. We propose to support you in transforming your project organization to have an improved focus on the company’s operations and/or maintenance goals.

    Our approach is to utilize proven methodologies for improved efficiency. To this end, we offer the full spectrum of services for your investment. These services have been standardized with years of experience and are customized for your specific service needs (i.e., preparation of feasibility studies or evaluating lender´s technical advice). Our experts apply these tools and strive for the most effective and cost-conscious solution for your organization.