Business approach

To effectively maximize shareholder value, ILF Business Consult follows a formal stage gate process. Each gate is designed to allow review of the stage's completeness and accuracy based on Client business objectives and our quality control process. The outcome of which determines the next step to take: progression to the following stage, revision of that stage or even discontinuation of the project.

Since capital commitment increases stage by stage, we recognize and actively manage your investment risks using our detailed approach. Our early engagement during the investment appraisal mitigates investment risks and paves the way for efficient and effective engineering and construction works.

Our tools, methodologies and workflows have been perfected over decades of practical use. We will ensure that planning and execution concerning your business, finance, legal affairs and engineering are in line with your capital commitment at each stage.

With the experience of more than 4000 projects carried out successfully over the last 50 years, you can be confident that our support will enable the right decision at the right time.