Capacity building

  • Since 2012, ILF Business Consult has developed competence in business development, financial analysis and other non-technical disciplines to add to over 45 years’ experience across a wide range of technical disciplines,  in order to offer the complete range of services covering the full project life-cycle for our customers. Here at ILF Business Consult, we are committed to Capacity building. We recognize that investing in the people and systems today is key to tomorrow's effectiveness.

    Role of ILF

    Capacity building at ILF Business Consult refers to enhancing the skills, knowledge and abilities of our clients. For this purpose, ILF BC makes available to its clients a number of training courses, workshops and best practices to follow in order to ensure a project is completed in an efficient manner.

    Client Benefit

    We believe that using workshops and practical development throughout each stage of a project can be a powerful tool for capacity building and contribute to the overall success of the project. Every stage of a project, from identification of need to decommissioning, offers potential for capacity building in different areas from business to technical skills to social development. The opportunities to build capacity associated with engineering projects are almost limitless.