Lender's technical advisor

  • Project finance is a key element of many successful significant investment in the oil & gas and energy industries. Typically, a borrower requests a substantial portion of the project's construction costs via a Special Purpose Vehicle, which is usually born by a company with limited liabilities. This is the reason why lenders need a comprehensive risk assessment and sound documentary basis before making any funding decision. ILF Business Consult provides the technical and management services for lenders to evaluate the project risk before signing a loan agreement. Further, ILF Business Consult will monitor the progress performance against plan, until the loan is repaid.

    Role of ILF

    With hands-on experience of planning and execution of significant investment projects, our experts estimate the construction budget and schedule from an independent perspective and check whether borrower's assumptions are reasonable and include the proper level of contingencies. Additional services include:

    • review of reserve plans;
    • review of the precedent market plans and the base case finance model; 
    • submission of utilization and cover ratio statements during construction and operation.

    Client Benefit

    We have developed a roadmap for our lender's technical advisory services comprising of pre-defined reviews and evaluation criteria. This will allow us to carry out transparent and efficient reviews reflecting the responsibility of a lender's technical advisor.