Logistic services

  • All significant investment and infrastructure projects are driven by economics, technology and schedule. ILF Business Consult recognizes that successful execution needs a step further. Aspects of local content and commitments are often underestimated, particularly in the area of Logistics.

    Role of ILF

    ILF Business Consult can contribute not only by general investigation, but more importantly in arranging early commitments between the project owner and responsible local authorities. One such target would be the upgrade of infrastructure and public concerns to the benefit of the countries and the project itself.

    Client Benefit

    Our newly defined ILF Business Consult-Logistics approach takes the entire supply chain into consideration and allows a fully integrative approach with all project partners: owner, suppliers, contractors, service providers, public entities and local authorities.

    This is why ILF Business Consult recommends the development of a tailor-made logistics solution from day one. Each significant project can gain from a logistics mindset through all disciplines.