Market studies

  • Growth considerations are based on positive expectations in terms of competitiveness in overall market and sector trends. A market analysis helps to understand how a specific market or a region will develop. This guides your strategic business decisions and helps determine if and how to capitalize on prospects. 

    Role of ILF

    In its sectors of activity, ILF Business Consult helps your business grow. ILF Business Consult’s market studies support the understanding and the local environment potential in the areas where our clients consider their development and expansion.

    Our approach is to investigate the market potential by forecasting likely development scenarios. We take into account the current and emerging macro- and micro-economic conditions in the specific sector or market. In addition, we conduct a thorough review of our client’s competitors and the policy and regulatory issues likely to affect the client’s business prospects.

    Our Market Studies will be tailored to specific assignment needs. This typically include the following elements:

    • General analysis of the business sector;
    • Supply and demand analysis and forecast;
    • Elasticity and sensitivity analyses;
    • Competitor analysis;
    • Product, quality and technology analysis;
    • Price / tariff analysis;
    • Benchmarking;
    • Legal, social and political framework analysis.

    Client Benefit

    ILF Business Consult´s market studies help to thoroughly understand the target business environment and the competitive situation for your product, project or business. We have direct access to clients and stakeholders in the oil and gas, energy and power, and transportation infrastructure sectors. This knowledge and network is considered as first-generation intelligence. We offer to leverage this intelligence to allow you to make informed decision on critical investment opportunities.