Master planning

  • Master Plans point straight into the future and provide long term guidance. Their development requires integration of a complex combination of strategic, economic, regulatory, technical, social and environmental aspects.

    Role of ILF

    ILF realizes that the key to success in developing a Master Plan is stakeholder engagement. This engagement is critical to thoroughly conduct analysis of the status quo and projected political, economic and technical developments relevant to the Master Plan. This analysis is the starting point for developing the strategic goals and objectives of the Master Plan. Together with a Vision and Mission Statement such strategic goals and objectives are jointly developed in workshops with Client representatives and potentially also external stakeholders. This way, it is ensured that the subsequently developed Master Plan receives wide support and acceptance.


    Client Benefit

    Combining relevant engineering and economical disciplines and drawing on 45 years of global activities as consultant engineers for often strategic projects, ILF Business Consult is the competent partner for Master Plan developments in the sectors of oil & gas and energy & power.