Project organization setup

  • A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a company usually founded to manage the contructions, owners operation of an operating asset, e.g. a crude oil pipeline. During the first phase of the SPV's life, the organizational structure of the entity shall reflect the project management, whereas later on the operation of the asset will dictate the form of the organization. The change of emphasis in an organization is a very delicate matter. Efficient organizations are built upon committed individuals working according to agreed processes and procedures. Therefore, the organizational change has to be built in from the very beginning to the SPV concept.

    Role of ILF

    ILF Business Consult has experience in drafting company org charts, job descriptions, working processes and procedures as well as in supporting an SPV client with the management of the organizational change. We also benchmark your company with respect to the number of stuff, levels of hierarchy and outsourcing of services considering the regional and cultural environment.

    Client Benefit

    We help our clients to set-up an SPV fit for purpose and assure a smooth transition of the SPV organization from project management to operation and maintenance. Our approach will limit staffing conflicts, overstaffing, dis-functioning and increase the shareholder value.